Roman Zelvenschi

I love seeing an idea becoming a real business. Something is exciting about bringing to life something that didn’t exist before. I specialize in taking great ideas and pragmatically executing them. For 15 years, I’ve helped our partners market themselves while being profitable and scalable. My philosophy is that a company needs to invest in […]



I am an experienced marketer with a track record of delivering results in SEO, Branding and Social Media campaigns. My passion is to help businesses to build their digital strategy to help their prospect see their brand from the right angle. We’ve been living in a “digital first” world for a while now. The pace […]






My job is to create a content strategy for your business. Our content serves many purposes: attract traffic, generate leads and tell your brand story cohesively. My job is at the intersection of multiple disciplines. I need to understand statistics to find gap keywords and evaluate the success of the content we produce. I need […]



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