Olga Krutovtsova

“Navigating Digital Depths with the Precision of a Diver.” I’m Olga Krutovtsova, the go-to CRM Manager at Roman Agency. Just as I navigate the profound depths of the ocean with my passion for scuba diving, I delve deep into the intricacies of customer relationship management with precision and dedication. Every interaction and data point is […]

Peter Tsvirko

“Scaling Digital Peaks as I Do Mountains.” I’m here to be your trusty guide for all things Technical SEO at Roman Agency. Like how I love exploring the great outdoors and climbing mountains, I also love exploring the intricate world of search engines to ensure our clients get the best results possible.  I know every […]


“Crafting Stories, One Frame at a Time.” I’m a Video Content Manager at Roman Agency. In the realm of visual narratives, I don’t just create videos; I sculpt experiences. With every project, I aim to translate visions into compelling content that speaks to audiences and leaves an indelible mark. Leadership isn’t just about guiding a team; […]

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