Brand Strategy

Ekaterina Redko

“Branding: Where Art Meets Strategy.”

My name is Ekaterina Redko, and I am the Brand Strategist at Roman Agency. I have years of experience in branding and specialize in combining creativity with business acumen. My job is to help guide our clients through the branding process and make sure their brand stands out effectively. 

I wear many hats at Roman Agency, including visionary and analyst. I have a unique ability to uncover a brand’s core values and bring them to life with compelling narratives. My goal is to create a brand story that resonates and engages with customers. 

When not working on branding, I enjoy indulging in my love for abstract art and exploring the latest design trends. These passions inspire me to continue innovating and informing my professional endeavours. 

Think of me as your compass, collaborator, and creative confidante when sculpting or refining your brand’s identity. Together, we can shape your brand’s future, one strategic step at a time.

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