Head of Marketing Operations

Sergey Dovidov

“Where Precision Meets Passion in Marketing.”

I head up Marketing Operations at Roman Agency. My career has been built on strong strategies and innovative solutions, and I lead our team with a mix of analytical prowess and creative flair. I take pride in ensuring that every campaign we run is well thought out and executed perfectly. 

For me, Marketing Operations is about more than just getting things done – it’s about doing them right, with efficiency and effectiveness in equal measure. I’m deeply passionate about the art and science of marketing, and I’m always looking to push the boundaries of what’s possible. 

When not digging into data or running campaigns, I love exploring the latest tech innovations and soaking up insights from industry experts. This constant learning and curiosity drive the success of our efforts at Roman Agency. 

As your guide in the complex world of marketing operations, I promise transparency, dedication, and results. Together, let’s create marketing symphonies that truly engage and resonate.

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