Retainer Pricing in Digital Marketing: CareNet’s Successful Partnership Journey

Retainer Pricing for a digital marketing agency: pros and cons

Retainer Pricing For Digital Marketing: Pros and Cons There are many agency pricing options, however, if you are looking for stable output and predictable expenses Retainer pricing is a good option. This model ensures the agency gets a monthly payment, transferring most of the risks and advantages to the client. The Retainer Pricing Model is […]

Performance-Based Pricing Model for Marketing Agency Explained

Performance-Based Marketing Pricing Model Explained The performance-based pricing model is the most suitable option in the current age of measurable outcomes in digital marketing. Linking agency compensation to specific results increases accountability, transferring more risk to the agency. Keep reading further to explore the pros and cons of performance-based contracting. Later, we will discover how […]

Our Experience with Microsoft Ads for Erectile Dysfunction Shockwave Therapy Promotion

microsoft ads for ED shockwave therapy promotion

Our Experience with Microsoft Ads for Erectile Dysfunction Shockwave Therapy Promotion We specialize in performance-based marketing for healthcare businesses. That is why we always want to add a volume to our bottom-of-the-funnel prospects. Search engines are the best place to target user intent. We typically start with Google Ads when we market Acoustic Shockwave Therapy […]

Agency Hourly Rate Pricing: Pros and Cons

Hourly rate pricing model explained

Hourly Rate Pricing in Action: A Deep Dive with A Real-Life Scenario In the digital world, considering the right pricing package can be a complex puzzle for digital marketing agencies and businesses. The hourly rate model is a popular option, but is it still relevant in today’s fast-evolving world? As we delve deeper into the article, we […]

7 Link-Building Tips That Healthcare Brands Should Know

Link-building tips for healthcare brands

Most prospective patients rely on Google search engine results to find the needed services. Healthcare brands need to increase their search engine rankings to enhance visibility and win more market share. Link-building is one of the most effective methods of appearing on the first page of the search engine and garnering a significant amount of […]

Responding to Patient Reviews: A Guide with Free Examples

Responding to patient reviews: a guide with free examples

Patient reviews are essential to any thriving healthcare business in the modern world. When used correctly, patient reviews can help turn any clinic or organization into a magnet for new patients and scheduling.  On the other hand, companies rarely use reviews to improve their visibility and patient satisfaction. Many clinics and healthcare providers receive patient […]

The Power of Storytelling for Healthcare Brands

The Power of Storytelling in Healthcare

“I believe the future of marketing is RELATABILITY, especially in our noisy digital world. To be relatable, you must be authentic and engaged, and there’s no better way to do that than telling a good story!” Brian Fanzo Storytelling is NOT the Best: As marketers, we know that no one marketing channel is the best. […]

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